Issue 5 - October, 2021 - Jim Jackson

A Message from the CAMA President

A Foundation Made of Wood:

The topic of COVID and how it has affected our industry just doesn’t seem to go away as the pandemic continues to linger on. As I think about how the pandemic has affected our business and that of our industry colleagues, I am reminded of the story of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. The 3 little pigs built houses made from straw, wood, and brick. As the story goes the straw house was destroyed, the house built of wood was knocked down and the house built out of brick stood solid. The foundation of our industry was not built out of straw as the pandemic did not destroy any of us. The foundation of our business was not built out of brick as I do not believe any of us went unscathed. I believe that our businesses were all built on a foundation of wood, we all got knocked down, but the bright side is wooden structures are rebuildable and that is the stage that we are all in right now. 

Our association is no different than that of our members and we also got knocked down by the pandemic and must go through the rebuilding stage as well. CAMA’s main revenue stream comes from membership dues, our annual trade show, and our annual golf tournament. It is obvious that two thirds of our annual revenue has been temporarily lost due to COVID restrictions therefore making our membership retention and growth even more important than ever. As I alluded to in my last newsletter message, CAMA has restructured their annual membership dues for 2022 to make them fair and equitable for all members. A preview of the new membership dues structure is available on our website.  We would appreciate and look forward to your prompt response to your renewal notices once they are sent out this November.

Your CAMA board has listened to our members requests for a new business insurance program and have responded with a viable solution for all. We have negotiated a new business insurance program with WFG (Western Financial Group), a name that is probably familiar to all of us.  Please feel free to reach out to the WFG contacts on the information sheet found on our membership benefits page for more details and information on how to obtain a confidential quote on your insurance needs. The Western Financial Group has joined our association as a supplier member and they will be reaching out to industry stakeholders in the near future to introduce themselves and tell you more about this program.

We have also identified another need for our membership, an Employee Health Benefit plan. We have been working with Peoples Corporation who have a national presence in Canada to develop a multi-tiered and flexible benefit program that will meet the individual needs of all CAMA members. A sample of the type of products and pricing can be viewed on our membership benefits page.   Please feel free to reach out to the contact provided for additional details and a quote on a plan that is suitable for your company and employees. We will be sending out an Expression of Interest on behalf of Peoples Corporation to our members in the coming days.  Peoples Corporation will also be joining CAMA as a new supplier member.

CAMA is not only an advocate for our industry on government legislated policies but is focused on becoming a source for group programs that will provide much needed benefits and savings for our membership. Be proud to be a CAMA member and please support and involve yourself in our association. We will all be in a better place with your continued support and the rebuilding process of our businesses will become faster and more efficient with having each other to lean on.

Thank-you for being a CAMA member, if you’re not a member then we hope that you will consider joining our association.

Jim Jackson 

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Issue 5 - October 2021
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