Issue 15 - June 2023

In this issue:
June 2023 - Message from Your CAMA President
Jim Jackson, President

You may ask what the difference is between being a member and an active member. Both are entitled to access all the programs and benefits of membership, but there are many more important opportunities to be had by being an active member.

Host Milano Incoming Buyers Program partnering with CAMA!

CAMA is again partner of Host Milano for the Incoming Buyers program in October 2023

Tech Corner: The Importance of Technicians: Repair, Replace, Replenish
Tommy Chan, Managing Director, Adaria Vending Services Limited

It should go without saying that as operators in the unattended retail industry, our business is dependent on the functionality of our equipment.

Update from the Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada

The Government of Canada announced on May 6th that a portrait of the reigning monarch will continue to feature on Canada’s $20 bank note.

Coffee Corner: A New Office Coffee Experience
Karl Ward, CaffeMonte Coffee Roasters

Embracing espresso-based beverages with fresh milk machines.

4 Tips to Protect Young Workers — And Your Business — This Summer
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)

Want to keep your business booming over the summer months?

Issue 15 - June 2023
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