Issue 10 - August 2022

In this issue:
August 2022 - Message from Your CAMA President
Jim Jackson, President

It’s time to climb out of our shell.
After more than 2 long years of living through the Covid pandemic we now must deal with what I refer to as the Turtle effect.

Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions (WFGIS) is proud to partner with CAMA

The Canadian automatic merchandising and vending industry provides its own unique challenges when it comes to insurance and protection.

A Better Back to the Office Experience with Nayax

According to Vending Market Watch, 24% more employees returned to the office in Q2 2022 compared to Q1. This trend is taking place around the world, as employers are requesting that employees work in a hybrid model or go back to working full time from the office.

Food Labelling Changes: What You Need to Know
Victoria Verhaeghe, Complete Purchasing Services

What’s one thing almost all our vending products have in common? A food label.

Coffee Corner - The Early Era of OCS
Brian Martell, Heritage Coffee

We’ve come a long way in our industry. For those of us who are getting long in the tooth, witnessing the evolution of Office Coffee Service has been impressive, not only from an offerings point of view, but also technologically.

71% of Consumers Prefer Bean-to-Cup Beverages
Mother Parker’s Tea and Coffee

NEW! Bean-To-Cup Programs From Mother Parkers
We have partnered with a trusted Canadian manufacturer to provide a quality bean-to-cup solution for fresh coffee and coffeehouse favourites at the touch of a button. Or no touch at all.

Committed to Making Fitness Accessible

As the makers of America's best-selling pre-workout brand C4® and a global leader in sports nutrition, Nutrabolt has been committed to making fitness accessible to all since 2002.

The New Innovative LAViT Single Serve Drink System
Brokerhouse Group, Vending Products of Canada

We are excited to introduce the new innovative LAViT single serve drink system that will be arriving to Brokerhouse Groups national warehouses soon! LAVit equipment will be available for purchase nationally at Brokerhouse Dist. Inc. and André Labbée Inc. and the single serve recyclable EcoCaps™ will be available for purchase at Vending Products of Canada.

Tech Corner: Are You Capitalizing on Technology?
Jerome Vos, CPA, CMA | President Canteen

Technology is an enabler to do more with less, generate increased revenue, empower you to see what you couldn’t see before, and give you the knowledge you need to accelerate your business.

Prepare now: 9 steps to get ready for a fall COVID surge
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)

As Ontario rides Wave 7 of the pandemic, the province's chief medical officer is already warning the public that "We may ask Ontarians to wear masks as we go indoors into the fall, and we may mandate it if our health system has too many people getting admitted."

Issue 10 - August 2022
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