Issue 9 - June, 2022 - Nayax

Nayax's Solutions Help Vending Operators Reduce Their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

According to a study by Accenture, 95% of consumers have greatly changed the way they live, work, and shop due to COVID-19. Consumers now not only expect but often demand a positive, personalized, and frictionless shopping experience. Changes in consumer expectations and the growing digitization of payments have created unprecedented opportunities for merchants and operators.

These new opportunities and trends come with their share of challenges, but with Nayax, all of your bases are covered. By placing customers at the center, Nayax helps business owners increase their bottom line with a four-sided approach that includes: localized acceptance of all cashless payments, integrated points of sale (POS), a management suite, and a customer loyalty toolkit.

For vending operators, the need to accept all payments from Interac contactless cards and other popular methods such as swipe cards, EMV-enabled chip cards, QR codes, mobile wallets, and more is growing. Customers want to be able to use their preferred payment method where they shop, especially if they're on the go. When businesses don't accept all payments, they run the risk of missing out on a sale. Nayax helps you increase your revenue with localized cashless payment acceptance via an integrated POS or card reader.

Nayax's card readers and self-checkout kiosks also provide business owners with valuable data on sales, inventory, and customers.  VPOS Touch is an all-in-one card reader with a color touchscreen that encourages consumer engagement, and Onyx is a contactless card reader that provides customers with a convenient cashless payment experience. Our VPOS Touch and Onyx devices are ideal for vending machines, as they fit on any new and existing machine, are made with durable materials, and have easy plug & play installation. We also offer a self-checkout kiosk called Nova Market that allows vending operators to offer a wider variety of products to their consumers and increase their revenue potential.

These integrated POS devices work together with a management and telemetry suite which allow for more effective management and lowered operational expenses. Our management suite is available in both desktop and mobile versions and allows business owners to manage all aspects of their business anytime, anywhere. These aspects include: employee timesheets, driving routes, inventory, sales, and customer loyalty programs. The information gathered helps you make data-driven decisions to increase efficiency and sales.

Mobile wallets and digital engagement solutions are also a valuable tool for customer loyalty because they provide business owners with an opportunity to create marketing campaigns, punch cards, top up bonuses on prepaid cards, discounts, refunds, and more. With the proper tools and incentives, customers will return again and again and convert into loyal customers and even advocates for your business.

Nayax's four-sided approach works together to reduce a business owners' total cost of ownership (TCO). By lowering operational costs with increased efficiency and increasing revenue with business optimization tools and better customer loyalty programs, you will watch your business grow exponentially.


About Nayax

Nayax is a global commerce enablement and payment platform designed to help merchants scale their business. Nayax offers a complete solution including localized cashless payment acceptance, a management suite, and consumer engagement tools, enabling merchants to conduct commerce anytime, anywhere. With global experience in serving the unattended retail industry, Nayax has transformed into a comprehensive solution focused on our customers’ growth across multiple channels. Today, Nayax has 8 global offices, over 600 employees, connections to more than 80 merchant acquirers, payment method integrations and is a recognized payment facilitator worldwide. Nayax’s mission is to improve our customers’ revenue potential and operational efficiency. Contact us to increase your bottom line. Visit

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Issue 9 - June 2022
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