Issue 9 - June, 2022 - Jim Jackson, President

June 2022 - Message from Your CAMA President

You can’t Win if you don’t Play!

In my previous message, I mentioned that CAMA was going to stage a financial recovery program to replenish our financial reserves that took a big hit over the past 2 years. The program is pretty much ready to launch, and we are now asking for everyone’s participation and support. We reached out to our supplier members and requested contributions of goods and services that could be assembled into several packages that could be raffled off to our members. Their response has been overwhelming and we have put together some very impressive draw opportunities for our members.

Two things in life that seem to give people a warm and fuzzy feeling are the ability to help others in times of need and the thought or reality of winning a prize, it must be in our DNA. My outlook on supporting our financial recovery program falls under my first comment of supporting our association in a time of need, and if I happen to win a prize, that will just be a bonus for my support. I will be the first to pledge my support for our organization and I hope that you will follow my lead and do the same.

I am writing this prior to our annual golf tournament which will be held next week on June 15th, I am really excited about getting together with our industry colleagues to celebrate our first post pandemic event in 2 years. Hopefully the sun shines and it will be a good time and a memorable event for all attendees.

We are also excited to announce that our annual trade show has been confirmed and will be held in Toronto on September 13th and 14th in conjunction with the ConvenienceU CARWACS Show at the Toronto Congress Centre. Your participation at our show will allow you access into their show and vice versa. This should be a great opportunity for both shows to increase floor traffic as many segments of our industries have similarities in common.

Keep reading our CAMA newsletter and E-Blasts for updates on everything “CAMA” and our future events. Take the time to read all the great articles that are being submitted by our sponsors. These resources are here for you so please take advantage of them, and feel free to reach out to our association with any comments, recommendations, or requests that you may have. This is our association, and it is here for all of us.

I am thanking all of you in advance for your anticipated participation in our fundraiser, golf tournament, trade show and all future CAMA events as it is much needed and appreciated. 

Jim Jackson
CAMA President

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Issue 9 - June 2022
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