Issue 17 - November, 2023 - Complete Purchasing Services

How to Market to Gen Z

You should already be taking an interest in your future customers. Gen Z might be a small portion of your customer base today, but that percentage will only grow each year. By targeting these consumers now, you’ll become more familiar with their buying habits and preferences, while building a bond and a sense of loyalty from early on. Analyzing your findings will help you maximize sales opportunities.


What is Gen Z Looking For?

According to Unify’s Young & Hungry study from May 2022, 75% of young people aged 18–24 are snacking all the time. This means it’s important to make food available at different locations they frequent throughout the day, such as universities. Considering 70% of people under 30 enjoy eating alone, individual portions are a great way to go. Since they eat more often, they may seek out smaller portions without necessarily taking the time to sit down, so quick and easy products are a must.


Gen Z tends to be concerned about health and wellness, with 36% of respondents saying they choose a product based on what’s in it. This means the list of ingredients should be legible, short and easy to understand. Consumers might be more drawn to packaging that includes key terms such as “no added sugar” and “home-made.” When compared to previous generations, Gen Z is also more interested in plant-based options, with 36% of respondents saying they go for gourmet vegan dishes.

Brand image also plays an important role. According to the study, 80% are looking for transparency not only on the products themselves, but on the production process, with 79% looking for an inspiring brand that offers tips for healthy eating.


Increase Buying Opportunities

The study points out that 64% consider entertainment an important factor when it comes to brand strategy—12% higher than for the overall population. Including a funny video directly on the vending machine is one way to catch people’s attention and show them a new product. You could also invite them to use the machine’s camera to take a photo of themselves with the product and share it on social media.


Also, 80% of respondents were looking for a brand that could be part of their day-to-day. Not only can you offer different products for each meal of the day, but you can try humanizing your brand. Include an avatar in your app and, depending on the customer’s buying habits, offer deals at specific times or let them know when they’re near a vending machine that sells their favourite product. Still, price is a key factor for 51% of respondents, with 35% saying discounts and promotions are an incentive.


Know Your Clients

No matter which age group you are targeting, it is important to understand what it is that they are looking for and how you can best provide them the solutions they are looking for when it comes to snacking. Whether you are looking to target Gen Z, Gen X, or Baby Boomers, each demographic will have similarities and differences. However, some things will never change, like the urge to find snacks that satisfy our hunger cravings.  


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Issue 17 - November 2023
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