Issue 2 - April, 2021 - Distributions Bellucci Ltee

Flexibility: The Keyword for a Successful Reopening

While almost everyone is still stuck working from home, the OCS and Vending companies are working hard to find new opportunities and are already preparing for the post-covid world. 

The global pandemic dramatically accelerated deep-rooted trends already at play in labor organization in businesses. Companies are competing to attract and retain young talents by offering ever-increasing flexible work arrangements and additional benefits. Amongst the key elements of any respectable office space, at home or on-site, there is a great coffee experience. However, in an era where everyone is a bit of a coffee snob, not just any coffee will do the job.

Increasingly demanding customers couples with fewer sales volumes and less manpower to take care of the coffee machines are only some of the new challenges OCS and Vending companies are now facing. 

We believe OCS and Vending operators can bounce back and respond to both working at-home and at-the-office coffee demands if provided with the right tools. 

New Challenges ask for New Solutions 

Come into play the newly introduced Flexicup®, an all-in-one coffee solution, developed with quality, flexibility and the lowest costs of ownership in mind. 

Made in Italy, Flexicup offers great value to OCS and vending operator and a premium Italian coffee experience to both espresso and filter coffee lovers, thanks to the innovation and simplicity of modern coffee machines.

The Flexicup® machines are highly energy-efficient as the machines only flash-heat the amount of water needed for one portion at a time. The capsule system also prevents large waste of unsold coffee or old coffee beans. The simplicity of the Flexicup® machines compared to bean-to-cup machines also reduce machine price, the risk of failure and guarantee the lowest maintenance cost of the industry. Likewise, the machines are quieter to operate and smaller for similar capacities compared to other coffee system.

Additionally, Flexicup® is only available to the OCS, Vending and Ho.Re.Ca operators unlike other existing capsules system on the market. They cannot be bypassed by unscrupulous customers and therefore the operators are guaranteed to get 100% of the revenues that they are entitled. 

In the last months, numerous companies have opted for Flexicup® to improve their coffee offering at the office while also saving money and space. The results were so successful that many businesses are now also supplying Flexicup machines to their employees working from home as parts of their benefits program. It’s a win-win solution as this way, operators gain access to new sources of incomes as well.

The range of coffee selections already features 4 high-quality espresso blends and 4 flavored-rich filter coffees. This includes both espresso and filter coffee decaffeinated options. More beverage options, including hot chocolate and flavored coffee are also planned.

Flexicup machines come in 3 different form factors and sizes, offering all great value:

  • The M29 is a compact and stylish machine for small offices and home use or in a workplace with a multiple coffee station configuration. 
  • The M8001 is a highly capable and flexible commercial machine that can be directly connected to water or used with its own 4 L tank. 
  • The M9003 includes a clever One Touch Cappuccino system for milk-based beverages with its included milk fridge. Additionally, the M9003 has twice the capacity of the M8001 thanks to its 2 independent brew units. 

Thanks to the hermetically sealed capsules and the ease of use, the Flexicup system reinspire customers confidence in the safety of commercial coffee machines.

To get your free Flexicup sample kit and get started with the Flexicup all-in-one solution, contact us at 1-877-819-4443 or click here.

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Issue 2 - April 2021
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