Issue 1 - February, 2021 - U-Select-It

Experience the Lowest Cost of Ownership with USI

At USI our mission is to provide vending solutions that maximize efficiencies and product sales for our customers. Doing so provides tangible value to customers and is why USI equipment is known to offer the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. From the equipment design to the user interface to unique features and more, our Evoke series merchandisers help meet this commitment to our customers.

Standard Features
Our Evoke machines have an ergonomic, functional and intuitive design that your customers will appreciate. They come standard with a 3.5” color display with a backlit keypad. Our Evoke machines are also all ADA compliant. All products are guaranteed to vend, or customers will receive their money back, thanks to the iVend Guaranteed Delivery System. Finally, Evoke merchandisers are manufactured in the USA and come with a 2-Year Limited Parts Warranty.

Evoke Models
Evoke Snack Merchandisers - The  Evoke Snack 5  and the  Evoke Snack 6  merchandisers feature a large merchandising display and enhanced LED lighting for maximum product visualization. The standard backlit keypad can be updated to a 10.1” touch screen display. This allows customers to utilize a shopping cart option and purchase up to three products at once. The Evoke Snack 6 also has an optional full-size 7th tray, which would offer up to 83 selections.

Evoke  VT5/ST5  and VT3/ST3  Combo Merchandisers - The  VT5/ST5  and  VT3/ST3 come in both a variable temperature version and a single temperature version, in order to accommodate a large number of vending operators. Make your vending machine stand out more by upgrading the 3.5” display to a 7” touch screen option, which includes shopping cart mode, browsing options and static and video content.

Evoke Elevator - The  Evoke Elevator  features a soft-elevator delivery system. This allows operators to vend fragile items including yogurt parfaits, sandwiches, salads and fresh fruit cups. The Evoke Elevator also reduces spoilage, thanks to first-in-first-out loading. With its soft elevator delivery system and large delivery bin, the Evoke Elevator has the capability to vend a variety of packages with different sizes and form factors.

Evoke Combo 5  Outdoor Vending Machine - features maximum durability in order to withstand the elements. Its Weather and Security package includes rain guards and sealing of sensitive areas, vandal-resistant panels over access areas and impact-resistant polycarbonate window cover with a seal frame. This package allows vending operators to have peace of mind in order to place their merchandisers outdoors and in other climate demanding locations.

Flex Control Board
The Flex Controller allows users access to an intuitive service mode. Here, operators can change the prices of one item or multiple items. Additionally, the easy-to-use service mode allows for easy diagnostics such as motor mapping in order to see the motors’ working status.

The Flex Control Board also allows for an outstanding user experience. Flex and iCart work together to allow customers to browse products and utilize the shopping cart feature with the optional touch screen, which lets customers purchase up to three products at one time.

To experience the lowest cost of ownership, contact U-Select-It at 1-800-247-8709 or click here.

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