Issue 17 - November, 2023 - Brokerhouse Dist. Inc.

Elevate Your Coffee Experience with the Newco Little Joe Coffee Pod Brewer: Now available at Brokerhouse Dist. Inc.

The Newco Little Joe Coffee Brewer is the ultimate solution for your office or breakroom coffee needs, and it's now available in Canada through Brokerhouse Distribution Inc. This professional-grade coffee machine combines convenience, quality, and environmental responsibility, all while offering the assurance of a one-year manufacturer warranty.

The Little Joe Coffee Brewer, designed and manufactured by Newco Coffee, is more than just a coffee machine; it's a smart choice for businesses looking to make a positive impact on the environment without sacrificing the quality of their coffee. Focusing on sustainability and delivering a premium coffee experience, the Little Joe is set to redefine how you enjoy your daily brew.

One of the standout features of the Newco Little Joe is its eco-friendly design. As a soft pod brewer, it's a green alternative to traditional coffee machines. Soft coffee pods are known for producing less waste compared to single-use plastic or paper coffee pods. By choosing the Little Joe, you're not only treating your taste buds to exceptional coffee but also doing your part to reduce the environmental footprint. It's a conscious choice that demonstrates your commitment to sustainability.

The Little Joe is perfect for professional environments, such as offices and breakrooms, where a reliable and efficient coffee solution is necessary. Its sleek and compact design ensures it can easily fit into any space, making it a practical addition to your workplace. Say goodbye to long lines at the local coffee shop or dealing with messy coffee grounds in a communal kitchen – the Little Joe is here to streamline your coffee routine.

This coffee machine offers a range of benefits that will delight employees and clients. With the Little Joe, your team can indulge in various coffee options. Soft coffee pods come in various flavors and roasts, allowing everyone to find their perfect cup. Whether someone prefers a bold, dark roast or a mild, creamy latte, this brewer can cater to diverse tastes, ensuring everyone can enjoy their preferred coffee experience.

What truly sets the Newco Little Joe apart is its outstanding performance. The 1400-watt heating element ensures that your coffee is brewed to perfection. It quickly heats the water to the optimal temperature, guaranteeing a consistent and delightful cup every time. The brew cycle is designed to extract the full flavor and aroma from the coffee pod, delivering a rich and well-balanced coffee. This means that whether you're serving clients or providing a pick-me-up for your team, the Little Joe guarantees a premium coffee experience.

Operate the Little Joe with ease, thanks to its intuitive control panel. Customizing your brew strength and cup size is straightforward, allowing users to tailor their coffee to their preferences. The adjustable drip tray accommodates various cup sizes, from an espresso shot to a travel mug, making it suitable for all coffee lovers.

Call us today for your personalized quote on the Newco Little Joe!

Brokerhouse Dist. Inc.

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Issue 17 - November 2023
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