Issue 11 - October, 2022 - U-Select-It

Diversify Your Business and Reach New Goals

U-Select-It understands the importance for operators to diversify their offerings and adapt to new technology. Our goal is to provide operators with the most profitable and dependable equipment and resources in the industry. Meal Delivery and Retail Lockers, the Evoke Market and flexible financing programs are a few ways U-Select-It is leading the industry in helping operators diversify and grow their business.


U-Select-It has partnered with Retail 365 Markets to produce new Meal Delivery Lockers. Insulated to keep food fresh, our meal pick-up solutions provide contactless meal pick-up, keeping your customers’ employees productive and on-site.  Scan, load and repeat. It’s that easy. Customers use the Connect and Pay app to order meals and scan to pick up their meal from the lockers. It’s simple, fast, fresh and the future of meal pick up.


Retail Lockers can expand a store's physical footprint and increase brand awareness without adding overhead labor costs. Our retail sales solutions can improve customer engagement, streamline operations, and boost security, as well as increase profitability by increasing transaction size and sales volumes. Retail Lockers are a great way to meet customers where they live, work and play every day!


The Evoke Market is a satellite merchandise cooler connected to a host USI Evoke Snack vending machine. The level of inventory control offered by the Evoke Market is a hybrid approach.  This approach combines a level of product security similar to a vending machine along with the flexibility and product accessibility of a retail micro-market. The Evoke Market is ideal for offering snacks, cold drinks and refrigerated food in a single solution.


Another exciting resource U-Select-It can provide to operators looking to diversify is financing. Through our in-house financing service, we can provide financing for new equipment, cashless devices, route acquisition, parts, debt consolidation and much more. designed to help our customers grow their business and thrive in the current industry climate. Financing equipment is a great way to gain momentum for your business. U-Select-It is offering financing contracts that allow you to wait 90 days until your first payment. Plus, contracts are available from 2-5 years with Prime Plus 2% APR financing, with approved credit. Fill out our safe and secure financing application to get approved today!


The U-Select-It team is here to help you diversify your business and reach new goals. We look forward to speaking with you about helping further your ideas or assisting with our resources. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-247-8709.

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Issue 11 - October 2022
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