Issue 5 - October, 2021 - Mother Parker’s Tea and coffee

Did You Know – 71% of Consumers Prefer a Bean-to-Cup Beverage

NEW! Bean-To-Cup Programs From Mother Parkers We have partnered with a trusted Canadian manufacturer to provide a quality bean-to-cup solution for fresh coffee and coffeehouse favourites at the touch of a button. Or no touch at all. TASTE​: Delivers slightly bolder cup of coffee​.FRESHNESS​: Ground and brewed on demand perceived as fresher​.AROMA​: A much stronger and preferred aroma relative to drip brewed coffee​​.VARIETY​: Small footprint with 11+ beverage options​.

  • Sustainability is at the forefront;​-100% compostable organic waste​-Biodegradable paper filter​-Energy saving mode​
  • User-friendly digital interface to make fresh beverages with the option to order touchless through an app on the customer’s phone​.
  • Easy to maintain equipment. We provide an equipment service package with preventative maintenance and a 24/7 equipment hotline for troubleshooting and support​:-Notifications for maintenance and low product​-Ability to upload video and screen saver content to market your business​
  • Full portfolio of wholebean and soluble powders to create a variety of beverages made with quality ingredients

QUALITY. VARIETY. SUSTAINABILITY.For more information on our lease-to-own program*, please contact your Mother Parker's Tea & Coffee representative today: parkers is a proud Canadian company that has been roasting quality coffees and blending teas, since 1912​.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Issue 5 - October 2021
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