Issue 5 - October, 2021 - U-Select-It

Delivery Lockers powered by USI and 365 Retail Markets

Powered by U-Select-It and 365 Retail Markets, our Delivery Lockers streamline contactless food delivery and pick-up, creating the next generation of onsite delivery. Customers get the meals they order in seconds, with no confusion, no contact and no worries, creating a contactless meal pick-up experience like no other!

Delivery Lockers eliminate the need for employees to wait in line to receive their food and keeps them on-site. This leads to an increase in productivity, saving your company time and money. Lockers also keep your employees happy by reducing order mix-up and confusion, creating a seamless pickup experience.

Delivery Lockers are secure and easy to use and can be created to fit your organization. Up to six locker bays can be added to help meet your demands. Additionally, each locker cubby is insulated and can be adjusted to ensure freshness and employee satisfaction.

Utilizing Delivery Lockers are simple to use. In fact, customer transactions are completed in a few easy steps:

1. Download the Connect & Pay app to your mobile device
2. Create and fund your account in the Connect & Pay app
3. Link to Order Ahead location and tap the locker
4. Checkout and order food as normal
5. View locker receipt QR and 6-digit code used for order pickup.

Once a customer is notified that their food has been delivered, they simply go to the Delivery Lockers and enter their 6-digit code via the vibrant 10.1” touchscreen display. A designated locker cubby will then open, giving the customer access to their food order with no contact and no confusion.

An optional feature that can be added to your Delivery Locker is UVend Technology. UVend Technology is our patent-pending UVC light sanitization technology. Customers have peace of mind they are touching a sanitized surface on the machine and the exterior packing of their meal within the cubby has also been sanitized through UVend’s fast, effective and safe sanitizing process.

Contact U-Select-It at 1-800-247-8709 today to add Delivery Lockers powered by USI and 365 Retail Markets to your offering.

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Issue 5 - October 2021
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