Issue 5 - October, 2021 - Nayax

Back to Business with Cashless Payments

With borders opening, and COVID restrictions being lifted, now is the perfect time to be thinking of how to grow your unattended business! Nayax offers the ideal solutions to maximize your revenue potential.

Provide Cashless Payments
According to a recent study by a recent study, Canada was the world’s most cashless country, with an estimated 83% of the population owning at least one credit card. The acceptance of cashless payments demands operators provide consumers with the ability to pay for products via their most preferred and familiar methods. With consumers ready and willing to pay with their favorite apps and credit cards (including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, G Pay, Garmin Pay, WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, Visa and Mastercard and Interac), operators not providing these payment options risk losing customers and sales.

Encourage Repeat Business
Promotions and incentives have long been a marketing tool for bricks and mortar businesses. How can an unattended business compete? Integrate Nayax’s Monyx Wallet consumer engagement and loyalty platform features and see a greater number of returning customers, leading to increased revenue.

With the use of Monyx Wallet, you can easily create loyalty campaigns and promotions that are set up and customized to your needs using NayaxVend, Nayax’s remote management software.

Provide your customers with a variety of loyalty programs - marketing campaigns like punch cards or employee discounts encourage repeat customers and increased sales. Additional incentives include cashback with gamification and top-up bonuses – all designed to convert one- time consumers into regular customers, boosting your sales. 

Expand Your Operations
If you’re operating in a closed-loop environment, look to Nayax’s Nova Market self-checkout solution, ideal for micro markets and other self-serve businesses. According to Automatic Merchandiser’s 2020 State of the Vending and Micro Market Industry Report, 43% of vending operators offer micro market options, in addition to their machines. Depending upon the location of your installations, this could generate significant increased sales. But how convenient is it for operators to incorporate micro markets into their offerings?

Because Nova Market seamlessly integrates with NayaxVend and Nayax BI management suites, vending machine operators already deploying Nayax’s solution are presented with a unified solution to optimize their business. Nayax ensures that operators need only use one platform to reconcile funds with their vending business, ensuring the ability to see consolidated reports from all Nayax based POS systems in your business.

A Complete Solution for All Your Needs
With Nayax providing solutions for all unattended businesses, including vending, OCS, and micro markets, operators can manage all their machines via a single account, making it easy for owners to expand into other markets and explore new business opportunities.

Nayax is continually working to design and market solutions that will deliver growth to vending operators. While the past 18 months have been challenging, the use of Nayax’s products can provide increased sales and improved productivity, leading to additional operational savings. 


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Issue 5 - October 2021
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