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September 7, 2021

The 365 PicoCooler is the essential self-service innovation to add to your food service offerings

Ready to expand outside traditional vending? Want to meet the ever-changing consumer needs for fast, safe, and flexible technologies? Want to give customers fresh and healthy snacks?
The award-winning 365 PicoCooler is the most versatile and cost-efficient way to provide your consumers with convenience. Its access controlled fresh, cold snack options fit perfectly in any space and creates an overall enhanced and frictionless checkout experience. Add PicoCoolers to your cafés or anywhere food service is needed!  
Provide employees with safe, reliable meal options. Offers a legitimate meal option for second and third shifts.
Ease the minds of students and staff by offering a quick and secure way to purchase food and beverages with their mobile phone.
Add in or near the entrance of your restaurant or “to-go” area for last minute grab-and-go impulse items like beverages and desserts. 
Revolutionize employee breakrooms with touchless ways to purchase healthy meals while on break.
Healthy fresh foods don’t fit in a traditional vending spiral, nor would most consumers tell you they enjoy fresh food out of a vending machine even if they did! A wider variety of products can be merchandised within one cooler instead of confined to the restraints of product/type-specific vending machines most are currently offering.
In the same footprint as a traditional vending machine, with nothing but a power outlet needed from the client, the PicoMarket connects your smaller markets (25-100) and larger markets (line buster-multiple checkout points) to fresh food options. 
The PicoCooler is also part of the 365 Connected Campus(SM); you can easily manage promotions, loss prevention, reporting, and more alongside their current micro market accounts.
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