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September 2, 2021

Achieving exemplary results for superior customer experiences. A Technicians perspective.

Branding is an important factor as it not only helps to attract new customers and improve brand retention but also creates a professional image that brings confidence to the consumer. Wearing a branded and appropriate uniform, wrapped / branded service vehicles, branded equipment and accessories when executed properly will provide a level of recognition and comfort that will keep customers coming back.
Cleanliness and Sanitization carries significance, and is more relevant today than ever, providing for a good first impression. People consume with their eyes first, therefore, overall cleanliness and presentation allows for a welcoming and comfortable refreshments environment for the user. 
Attitude to health and safety has huge consequences, when not taken seriously. Items such as masks, gloves, sanitizers and wipes, utilized correctly both in the workplace and on the job site, have become our new normal, regular cleaning of tools and trucks, attention to preventative maintenance and much more.
Quality of service is the most important ingredient in this recipe, as it determines customer retention, and ultimately your brand reputation which can positively impact new business. This is why technicians have to be prepared for installations beforehand, ensuring all equipment performs up to industry standards, and having an intimate knowledge of performance and delivery expectations. Constantly seeking to further ones technical training, development and knowledge of new and upcoming technologies ensures you stand out in your service and offering as a provider.
Overall, the famous saying “With great power comes great responsibility” perfectly suits the role of a technician, we are on the frontlines face to face with customers, and the ones on whom they rely, so we need to be prepared in all ways to ensure we responsibly deliver exceptional customer experiences in every interaction we have.

Anton Vorobev
Technical Service Associate
Beans And Grind Inc.

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